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The Volkswagen emissions scandal called for decision-makers and people to note that emissions of vehicles have to be regulated stricter than ever in order to protect our environment and health. Various studies revealed that there were so big differences between real and measured values of test stations with regard to the models concerned that they have contributed to a number of diseases. Nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel vehicles can cause serious respiratory complaints, and even cancerous conditions in severe cases. Overall, half of the trucks used for light transportation exceeded the valid limits.

Of course, this forced decision makers to make steps: the EU member states have further tightened emission regulations. European emission standards define the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold in EU member states. The emission standards are defined in a series of European Union directives staging the progressive introduction of increasingly stringent standards. These are the so-called Euro categories, which we hear of especially in winter, in case of smog alert. The regulation applies to car makers and failure to comply with the target numbers implies fines.

However, fraud similar to VW’s is practically excluded from September 2017. Complementing the laboratory tests, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions has to be measured under real driving conditions (RDE – Real Driving Emissions test) from now on. Lab tests do not show the real picture, since the nitrogen oxide emission from diesel vehicles can be up to 4-500% above the official limit values. As of 1 September the new car types are allowed to the roads in the European Union only if they pass the more stringent emissions test under real driving conditions.

This decision and the previously adopted directive that every car manufacturer has a duty to reduce carbon dioxide emissions at fleet level will inevitably make the use of electrical auxiliary drives unavoidable, while also directing manufacturers to purely electric drives. However, experts say that a large part of the new vehicles will be still driven by fossil fuel in ten years. (LINK az elektromos autókról)

EU standards should only be taken into consideration when purchasing a car but the increasingly stringent smog warnings may cause more discomfort in everyday life. The number of cars that are banned in time of smog alert in Budapest will be further increased. The restriction will already apply to Euro 4 diesel vehicles from 2019.

Eden Group has always put great emphasis on compliance with the international standards of environmental protection that is becoming increasingly important.  Our fleet younger than two years of age guarantees that we can be on the roads when others – because of smog alert or other regulations – cannot do this.

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