Freight is Light for Us! Presenting Our Light Commercial Vehicles

Recently our car fleet – which is of considerable size either – has been expanded further. This time we have strengthened the freight business with 4 brand new light goods vehicles. To be fair, we have chosen two vans and two canopy trucks, but they all have extra equipment.

Due to their extra facilities, such as the exceptional 5-meter-long, 2.1-meter-tall, 2.1-meter-wide cargo area, they enable us to provide the usual high quality services to our customers. Some of their beneficial functions (built-in air springs in the sleeper, standing heating) serve the comfort of our car driving colleagues so that they can concentrate on their tasks and serve the needs of our partners to a higher standard.

We would like to present the new 15 m3 Fiat Ducato in more detail, since we have chosen it because of its outstanding quality. It boasts the lowest fuel consumption and emissions in its class, due to the innovative engine offered to the model family. The 2.3-litre Multijet 130 engine is the best-seller: it is easy to drive in all conditions with a maximum torque of 320 Nm available already at 1800 rpm, while also meeting the increasingly stringent environmental standards.

In the “single wheel” category Ducato proved to be better than most of its competitors in almost every index. It has the best gross weight, the best rear axle load and the best payload (up to 2.1 tons for the van version). Its robustness and reliability are due to body stiffening and improvement of fittings, optimized braking performance, and increased life span of the chassis and clutch.

One of the most important aspects is safety for us, that is why we have chosen Fiat Ducato. Electronic Stability Control System is a basic supply in the car. This is complemented by safety-enhancing features such as Roll-Over Mitigation, Load Adaptive Control, Hill Holder or emergency brake assist.

The 15-m3 capacity we have chosen is an economical, safe and practical solution for our partners. Attachment points can be found everywhere in the cargo compartment, at the bottom, front and side walls, too, so that the goods are definitely not going to slide. The load lock opens separately, so you do not have to worry about the safety of the shipment if the driver colleague leaves the car.

Due to the continuous innovation of our equipments, today we have one of the youngest fleets on the market, with cars younger than two years on average.

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