The Secret of Accuracy: Newish Fleet, Experienced Drivers

Travel is not a luxury in business, but a means. Our company specializes in removing the burden related to passenger transport and freight of you and your company. We are at the service of our partners with a professional background. We offer a unique service portfolio on the market with a flexible and customer-centered approach. We believe that our everyday work creates a background for your company with which we can contribute to your success.

Delays in business can lead to significant money laundering, so we work closely with deadlines to minimize the number of problems that may arise. How do we get this done? The newish fleet and the experienced drivers ensure the safety, promptness and high quality that our partners need.

Our car fleet consists of vehicles not older than 2 years: every passenger minibus has been exchanged to new Opel Vivaro vehicles recently. The fleet’s light commercial vehicles are Volkswagen Crafter and Fiat Ducato cars with volume 3, 8, 13, 15, 19 cubic metres. Our cars are repaired and inspected only at a specialist service, more frequently than recommended, so their technical condition is impeccable. We also put great emphasis on compliance with the international standards of environmental protection that are becoming increasingly important, so we can be on the road when others – because of smoggy or other regulations – cannot do this.

Compared with other companies present on the market, it is a significant advantage that all of our vehicles are equipped with URH system which facilitates communication and enables immediate response in case of urgent orders. Our dispatcher service is available around the clock, every day of the year, allowing immediate pick up, so we can get started even 8-10 hours before other companies. In terms of speed, our definite competitive advantage is that we have base stations in 24 cities in 13 European countries.

Our drivers are highly trained, flexible, precise and helpful professionals who drove millions of kilometers without accidents. We employ local staff in each country whose language and location knowledge ensures smooth passenger and freight transport. Each driver colleague speaks at least one foreign language, and twice a year they receive professional training to maintain the quality of our services.

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