Accuracy: luxury in a rushing world?

Punctuality is the politeness of kings. The idea of Louis XVIII, King of France is still valid, especially in today’s rushing world. Certainly, accuracy is politeness at the same time, while inaccuracy is the opposite. Accuracy is particularly important in business since the inaccurate partner is wasting others’ time. Yet time is money, and in the business world it is meant literally. Minute punctuality is required in case of business meetings and official programs.

Reliability in business is a key factor and one manifestation of reliability is precision. Compliance with accuracy shows an image of us as we honor our partners and our reliability is expressed in it. Actually we show with accuracy that the other party is important to us. On the contrary inaccuracy is the greatest disrespect. In business, you should not treat the partner’s expensive time with generosity, because we’re taking something that we can never give back.

The freight and passenger transport sector is particularly time-sensitive. If we are not accurate, we are late at the expense of our partners and we cannot afford this. We prove our reliability to our partners every day by handling deliveries exactly and delivering passengers to their destination on time. Our precision is vital for our customers to be reliable partners in business.

Since we have not only maintained the quality of our services in recent years, but we have also been able to increase, we are confident that we can contribute to the business success of our partners through our services. The Wizzair airline staff is delivered on time with the same pride as international delegations, top managers and VIP guests.

Since our customer service receives orders round-the-clock every day of the year, tension, late night terms, immediate pick up are not an obstacle to us.

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