Edengroup Is One of the Most Trusted Partners in Business

Our greatest achievement is that our clients treat us as a reliable partner. We are a company that treats problems that arise not as a trouble but as a task to be solved. We have authentic, external certifications which can further increase our partners’ and employee’s confidence in our company.

In January 2017 Opten Ltd. granted our company a rating “A” which only 2.2% of Hungarian enterprises have. The certificate shows that we belong to the most reliable business partners in Hungary, thus the risk of establishing a business relationship with Edengroup is extremely low. The risk model of Opten Ltd. is a widely used company qualification methodology, which characterizes the reliability and stability of rated companies, examining the probability of insolvency. By using financial, company register and other officially released data, based on mathematical and statistical methods, a certain company’s probability of entering into an insolvency procedure within one year is calculated on a daily basis. As a result, Opten is the most reliable company qualifier in Hungary.

We have recently received international recognition as well. It is a great honour for our company to have obtained Bisnode’s A certificate based on data from official sources, which belongs to only 7.44 % of the companies in Hungary. The basis of the certificate is Bisnode’s international company rating system, which has been used for rating companies in view of their reliability since 1908. The Bisnode certificate is used in several countries across Europe, moreover in the Scandinavian countries it is considered to be a standard of trading. The Bisnode rating is based on data originating from multiple official sources, such as information from the Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, entries of the Courts of Registry, as well as the data of the National Tax and Customs Administration and other authorities. In addition to the data from the official sources, the financial and other information regarding the firm, such as balance data, profit and loss accounts, payment discipline, trends or even press reports are incorporated, as well. The Bisnode certificate does not only show the currently steady financial standing of our company, but it also indicates that the probability of our business becoming insolvent in the forthcoming year remains as low as it is now.

We are proud of being able to become a stable and decisive player in the rapidly changing, diversified world of passenger and cargo transport markets in the recent years. We hope that in the future Edengroup will be able to satisfy even more pleased partners with its services by keeping or hopefully improving its current market position.

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