Domestic and international road haulage

Since the foundation of our company in 2010, one of our main profiles is domestic and international road haulage up to 3.5 tons. We successfully became part of the most dynamically developing companies in the rapidly growing European market  – we were in the upper 2% between 1500 competitors regarding asset growth in 2015.

As member of the association of Hungarian Road Hauliers (MKFE) we satisfy every statutory requirement, but this have not been enough to lift us up into the fastest growing companies of the market. The key of our success lays between strict standards established by us. We regard each of our partners like they would be the only ones, and we optimise our services to match their unique needs.

In road haulage, we have normal and emergency delivery, groupage, in addition, we also deliver high value loads to given places. Our company has CMR, which provides full protection for possible damage during transport. Our vehicles are under customs control not only in Europe, but outside the European Union as well.

Our non-stop service is outstanding – in the case of emergency orders, our company makes haulage immediately possible to domestic and international addresses 24 hours a day during the whole year. We have 13 European base stations in 24 cities, thus we have a significant benefits against companies, which have offices in one country only.

We have 3, 8, 13, 15, 19 bcm commercial vehicle (VW Crafter, Fiat Ducato) fleet. Our vehicles are younger than 2 years and are validated and repaired only at professional services, that is the guarantee of our monthly 800.000 km long distance accumulation without accidents. Our vehicles have GPS, which we updated in 2015. Since 2015, we constantly develop our own software and management system, and as a result, we finished our own transport organising software in 2016, which is better in quality, faster, and makes the service more precise. Our drivers are demanding in their work, reliable, and they all have domestic and international transport experiences. Every Hungarian colleague has professional trainings twice a year.

Our development is unbroken, and in September 2016, we received our 8.500 nm big establishment, which we immediately started to extend with 2.500 nm until the end of August 2017. In our new headquarter have a meeting and a training room, too. Thanks to the constant imporvements, the number of our employees and vehicles are also increasing. Our plan is to increase our vehicle fleet up to 170 until 2020, and also to increase the number of our employees and team to 200.


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